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Sourcing Strategy

Developing a sourcing strategy to suit your business needs now and into the future is what we do best. From the hands on side of validating the right factories to suit your needs to understanding future social and economical impacts in different regions, we can cover it all. With a continued focus on the intimate apparel industry across all of Asia, we know what counts when it comes to having an effective sourcing footprint and strategy. Client:Various Status: Ongoing

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Being ready and responsive to market demands requires agile, proactive people on the ground. We are well versed in what it takes to launch a start-up as well as meeting the the finite requirements of large multi-national retailers. A great brand is limited if there isn’t the ability to meet sales demand on time. We bring our knowledge to you to ensure your business success. Client: Various Status: Ongoing

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Design – DPM

Design, development & wholesale of a Print Based Mens Underwear Line. In partnership with designer Michael Haythornthwaite. Client: dpmpatternworks.com Status: 2009

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Blunt Umbrellas

Distributor & Sales Representation for Australian Market, we built the brands representation in Aus from 0 stores to over 30 in 12months. Handed over the representation to other parties, due to othe rcomitments. Client: bluntumbrellas.com Status: 2011

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