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Sourcing Strategy

Developing a sourcing strategy to suit your business needs now and into the future is what we do best. From the hands on side of validating the right factories to suit your needs to understanding future social and economical impacts in different regions, we can cover it all. With a continued focus on the intimate apparel industry across all of Asia, we know what counts when it comes to having an effective sourcing footprint and strategy. Client:Various Status: Ongoing

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We set approval & testing benchmarks collaboratively with clients to ensure your needs are met & put in place SOP’s & AQL levels to manage accordingly. We work with the best quality inspectors & testing laboratories to ensure everything is to standard and share reports as required. You can have your own requirements or use our partners, SGS, Intertec, Qualspec, Asia Inspection. Client: Various Status: Ongoing

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We work with a number of key logistics partners globally, with particular attention to understanding the needs of fashion and retail environments. We have implemented some highly complex solutions with different companies as well as simplifying and streamlining others. We have experienced understanding of where efficiencies and savings can be had, as well as implementing solutions right down to direct online customer order fulfillment from the factory or warehouse in Asia. Client: Various Status: Ongoing

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Maternity Lingerie design, development, sourcing, patterns, specs, fittings, manufacturing, quality control. A full end to end wholesale service from concept to shipment for New Zealand Client, full seasons lingerie offer. Client: womama.com Skills: 2009-2010

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